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One aspect of the company includes specialising in curating interactive and memorable nightlife events that cater to the expat and local demographics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We have worked with almost every A List venue in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the last decade and continue to collaborate with newer venues. 


Below are some of the events we have worked on/working on, just to give you an idea of the curation aspect.


@dipfestabudhabi - Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive and most legendary pool party established in the last 10 years at Aloft Hotel





We strongly believe in the power of a brand and establishing events not just as a night out but as delivering an experience. 


Keeping this in mind, we have also had the chance to takeover the event programming aspect along with hand in hand operations of the venue by creating SOPs for the venue to provide guests with an experience, be it through food, music or entertainment. We have a strong network of entertainers and DJs that we manage and also outsource work to that come in as a part of the event programming aspect. These DJs have a great following online and of course ensure that events are cross promoted as priority on their platforms. 


With our strong presence in the industry, we have a vast database that is used for marketing every event that we do through WhatsApp marketing, email blasts and SMS blasts (when required). We know the power of digital marketing and ensure that media and PR tie ups are strongly utilised during the period of the contract of events. For example, ensuring updated press releases to be sent to platforms such as Time Out, Whats On, Lovin’, Fact Magazine, Platinumlist, The Secret Society and more.


We also have a creative in house graphic design team that specialises in creating aesthetically pleasing artwork that will draw in the target audiences depending on the event, and of course keeping venue brand guidelines in mind. 


To provide the guests with the best quality of music, if and when required, we also provide audio and visual production services, and of course photography and videography services to ensure that we have enough material for marketing the event as well as using it on our digital platforms as shareable content. 

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